S. T. Dupont
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- the art of luxury -
"L'Art de l'Écriture" features writing instruments & USB keys.
"L'Art du Voyage" focuses on leather luggage, wallets & cigar cases.
"L'Art de Séduire" accentuates belts, cufflinks, tie pins & jewellery.
"In all things be passionate"

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S.T. Dupont was started by Simon Tissot-Dupont in Paris, France, in 1872,
making leather briefcases for diplomats and businessmen.
When his sons, Lucien & Andre, took over in 1919, it focused on
high quality travel cases, trunks and accessories for the elite
supplying kings & queens, emperors, maharajahs, ambassadors, and bankers
with pieces from only the finest materials,
including gold, silver, precious metals, diamonds, ivory, tortoiseshell & crocodile leather.
In 1924 their workshop was moved to Faverges in Savoy,
& in 1935 they started using the rare art of Chinese lacquer,
hiring a Russian lacquerer who was custodian of the closely guarded secret of it's application to metal.
Until now Dupont is the only House to have mastered this technique.
The last trunk was made in 1947 for Princess Elizabeth, the future Queen of England, prior to her marriage.
Their first pocket,oil-filled, luxury lighter was created in 1941
& in 1952 they produced their iconic first gas lighter.
In 1973 Dupont crafted the first luxury ball point pen made of solid gold
& in 1976 returned to it's original vocaton of leather goods craftsmanship.
In 2000 the light & ergonomic torch flame lighter was introduced.
In 2008 the torch flame mechanism
was coupled to the bodies of traditional Dupont lighters.

About S. T. Dupont
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"L'Art du Feu" celebrates both yellow flame & blue (torch) flame lighters, humidors & cigar accessories.
The pictures below show a small sample of the pieces available in the
2009 "135 ans d'excellance à la Française / 135 years of French handcrafted luxury"
International Collection catalog