Links to favourite Zippo related sites

The mother of all Zippo sites - a great site to learn all sorts of Zippo stuff
(& it includes a very handy dating guide)

Roseart Zippo table lighters
Great people at Roseart & their lighters are far more magnificent in the flesh!

Robin & Dana's site
What a pair these two are - & you get to see Dana's wooden replica of the Zippo car in the making

Zippo Gallery
Mind boggling collection of the old & rare, great reference site

Camel Zippos
If Camels are your thing then this site is incredibly comprehensive

Zippos from the wars
Highly specialised site on war Zippos

Doris & Gerhard's site
Lots of great Zippos & Zippo related stuff!

Vietnam Zippos
A well crafted & informative site by French collector, Bob

Frank from Germany's site
A great German site (in German) that is beautifully presented & features many limited editions 

Craziness galore
The way Jeff's mind works combined with his love of Zippos is an inspiration

George's site
A great German site for Zippofiends

George's Zippo dating site
A very useful site covering Zippo's date codes & stamps

Fritz's site
We have fond memories of meeting Fritz at the Swapmeet - the lovely Austrian with the big cigar - another Zippo nutter!

Frank from the UK's site 
Beautifully put together site featuring Frank's full set of Paul Walsh Zippos with lots of useful info & links

Jacque's site
A very comprehensive Dutch site

Zippo links site
A large list of Zippo related websites

Andy's site
Great site by a highly respected member of the Zippo collecting community

Miglenium's site
German site with cool Zippo section

Alex's site
Another great German site

Jack's site
Cool Dutch site

Hozpe's site
Great Japanese site

Robert's site
Featuring Robert's photos of the Zippo Club Italy weekend

Manuela's site
Another beautifully put together German specialist Zippo site

Hitoshi's site
Great Japanese collector's site

Steve's site
A great downloadable Ebook where Steve, a past Zippo photographer, shares his many years of experience on how to take excellent photos.

Ken's site
An impressive collection specialising in newer Zippos & artist designed Zippos

Martin's site
Danish site dedicated to vintage Zippos

Glen's site
English site showcasing both Glen's large collection
but more importantly his incredibly detailed work
on dating the more difficult to date Zippos (Pat. 2032695s & Canada releases.)
Didier's site
French site with very impressive collection of vintage Zippos
Zippo forum (in French)
Libor's site
A great Czech site (in both Czech & English) featuring fluid lighters
with an emphasis on European brands
W R Case
The mother of all Case sites - a great site to learn all sorts of Case stuff, see new products, join their collector's club etc etc 
Franklin's site
Indian website,  featuring a very fine collection of surprise Zippos
& a large dose of Frankie's enthusiasm!
Jim's site
From the US, Jim a.k.a. bullitt or zippodude showcases his lossproof & beer advert Zippos
Table lighters collectors' guide
Sebastian's (from Poland) very informative blog in English
featuring fluid table lighters with an emphasis on European brands
Aurelien's site
An expansive French site (in French) featuring fluid lighters with an emphasis on European brands
John's site
John regularly contributes articles to the OTLS & LCGB lighter club newsletters,
has a fabulous Regens collection & some very interesting unusual mechanism lighters.
Zippo forum (in English)
Zippo forum (in Spanish)
Zippo forum (in Chinese)
Links to favourite Zippo collecting forums around the world
Zippo forum (in Russian)
Zippo forum (in German)
Zippo forum (in Vietnamese) - part of a bigger site on collecting in general
Wolfgang's site
A German site, Wolfgang showcases his old Zippos
Deb's site
Cutting edge jewellery from our favourite Kiwi artisanal jeweller - a must see!
Christian's site
Christian regularly contributes articles to the OTLS lighter club newsletter,
has a fabulous collection of very interesting unusual mechanism lighters
as well as great info on lesser known companies & patents.
Vladimir's site
Russian site (in both Russian & English) started by Vladimir featuring a wide range of brands & info
Hann's site
German site with extensive collection of fluid lighters (especially of German origin) & information
Michael's site
A German site in both English & German, Michael showcases his old Zippos
Tommy's site & blog
A passionate Vietnamese collector living in the US (in Vietnamese)
Marc's site
Belgian site featuring a wide range of pieces
Curt's site
Magnificent site featuring mainly mint in box vintage pieces
Terry's site
US site with exquisite photography of an extensive collection of vintage fluid lighters
(especially Evans enamelled lighters & Ronson table lighters as well as many others)
Bob's site
English site featuring a wide range of pieces
John's site
Museum quality site dedicated to the military
Zippo forum (in Chinese)
Links to favourite lighter related sites
Links to favourite Case knives related sites
Links to friends & inspirations
Bob's site
Diverse English collection lovingly gathered over years 
Andrea's site
German site with filled with an extensive collection of vintage fluid lighters (especially European)
& lots of useful information including patents
Horst's site
German site with filled with an extensive collection of vintage lighters (especially European) & a lot of early adverts

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