"In all things be passionate"

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Free Spirit
Free Spirit was started by Paul in Christchurch, New Zealand in 1999.
"After working for the man for too long I decided to take control of my own life starting with doing one-of-a-kind hand engraved artwork on Zippo lighters.
In 2000 the creative journey exploded with a friend of a friend introducing me to decorative sandblasting.
"I believe that, as in nature, beauty lies in its imperfections,
hand working a piece allows it's soul to emerge -
as against the cold-blooded perfection of computer produced pieces."
With an all consuming passion for lettering & design from birth,
I started teaching myself calligraphy,
the art of beautiful handwriting, age 14.
This led into graphic design, then engraving & on to decorative sandblasting.

I've been involved in 2 group exhibitions as well as exhibiting at Swapmeets in both the USA & Germany.
Pieces are in private collections worldwide.

Born in Wellington, N.Z. in 1965, later moving south to Christchurch.
I spent a lot of my 20's travelling & living overseas.
Other hobbies include playing the Highland bagpipes (& listening to other breeds of bagpipes), reading & collecting Zippos & the occasional other type of fire-lighting / tobacciana paraphenalia.
1928 Austin 7 Chummy
1928 Austin 7 Chummy
& another wee passion ..... "Happy",
a 1928 Austin 7 Chummy
A life spent following the creative path has seen French born Martine working in numerous fields including fashion & kitchen design, pointillism & selling her art in France, later moving into decorative sandblasting in New Zealand.

In New Zealand she was involved in one group exhibition, had pieces in galleries throughout the country & pieces are to be found in collections worldwide.

Intensely practical, well travelled & read she cannot pass up ducking into any art gallery that crosses her path.
Martine joined Free Spirit in 2001 after a chance meeting with Paul in Bangkok Airport & after a tumultuous year of earthquakes in 2010/11 has left for more stable ground.