The shop/gallery history
A pre & post earthquake timeline of the tiny central city shop.
Paul was in the shop at the time
& the building across the laneway collapsed in front of his eyes :-(
Feb. 22's 6.3 quake
As of Mar. 22
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Jo is still cutting hair, from an alternate location,
 & is available by phone on 027-405-8497
 Apr. 15 - happy days! 
- allowed in for 10 mins. to empty the shop
How life was before 2011
in the little piece of paradise,
a wee 4m x 3m, 
the front part of a family owned, second generation
traditional barber's shop ....
We were bused into near our laneway,
the next 3 pics are views of on the way into "the Red Zone",
followed by 2 pics looking down the laneway from the library end,
& the last one shop owners hauling out their possessions in wheelie bins
1pm, Feb. 22, 2011 & it's aftermath ....
The shop that is no more

"in all things be passionate"