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One-of-a-kind Zippos (R) for sale
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(Singles 1)  Sets  David Lloyd table
Currently viewing page 1 of 3
(Singles 1) Sets  David Lloyd table
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***Please note all prices are in United States Dollars (US$) -
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Each Zippo piece is signed & titled,
is strictly one-of-a-kind 
& is single handedly worked by Paul (a Zippo authorised artist) - because of this less than 75 pieces a year are created.
Pieces are in a black velour presentation Zippo presentation box
with white cardboard outer sleeve & certificate of authenticity.
More info here

A wee note re the photography - it's a continual fight to get good pics
- really most of them need to be shown moving in a video
to display how they dance with the light. 
So far it seems the best way to get a half decent pic is using the macro setting
but the problem with that is that it blows the Zippo up to bigger than life size
- often showing things that are invisible to the naked eye.
Zippo (R)
One of a kind 
for sale

"in all things be passionate"
Sorry, nothing is currently for sale,
although, on the odd occasion pieces,
can be found for sale on the secondary market