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Paul's Zippo collection
These pieces are either in, or have passed through, my personal collection which has taken quite a few years to put together & is slowly growing. They're listed in approximate chronological order.
Because of the incredible number of Zippos produced choosing a theme for a collection is difficult (& sub-themes seem to keep popping up all over the place) - I've tried to concentrate on collecting pieces reflecting Zippo's history through changes in mechanism/ shape/ materials & also ones with a Kiwi flavour.
Information has been gathered from books, the internet & talking with other collectors
- please let me know if there's something wrong or you have something to add ...
a day without learning is a pretty sad day ;-)

Sorry I do not give valuations as the market is so fluid.

(For other brand tobacciana collection see here)
c. 1933-36 Patent Pending U-shaped cam stop with original unmarked (no stamp) insert. Factoty replaced four barrel outside hinge, Horizontal grooves on the striker wheel (from c.1946 on they were diagonal), factory replacement of piston with a humped cam spring. 4th pic shows the view inside insert of original piston holder. 5th shows the Patent Pending bottom stamp
1938/39 Trench Art - this 4 barrel hinge high polish chrome Zippo has the u-shaped cam stop & original unmarked insert & was lovingly modified ("Trench Art") by it's original owner.
1938/39 Metallique - "Bliss" with 4 barrel, unmarked insert, u-shaped cam stop. E W Bliss Co. was a US specialist manufacturer of heavy machinery & during WW2 manufactured torpedoes. It continues to manufacture heavy machinery today but has been bought out by another company.
This is a particular favourite for very New Zealand reasons - here in the 1980's a group called Th' Dudes put out a drinking song called "Bliss" (here) that is well known & much loved.
1939/40 Barcroft - all original first model, #10 Table Lighter or "One step" Barcroft with 4 barrel hinge, u-shaped cam stop, factory engraved signature, full length 14 hole  chimney insert with horizontal grooves on the striker wheel, 4.5" tall. 3 different versions of the "One Step" were produced - thechrome finish with 8 barrel hinge (rarest), brass finish with 4 barrel hinge and chrome finish with 4 barrel hinge (least rare).
Sometime in the 1930's - an unused promotional postcard for Reznor Gas Appliances  giving away a free Zippo lighter for customer referrals for Reznor automatic gas heating units.
The 1930's
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1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's
1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Deep Freeze/NZ

An unused Zippo Lighter Repair shipping bag. It took a 6 cent stamp to return a lighter for repair (10 cents for 2 and 14 cents for 3).
One of a kind  :-