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c. 1950's
c. 1950's
c. 1950's
2 Dec., '50
26 Apr.,
  12 May,
8 Sept.,
27 Oct.,
Dec., 1951
9 Feb.,
15 Mar.,
c. 1950's
c. 1950's
4 Nov., '50
30 Jun.,
The 1950's
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Adverts from "The Saturday Evening Post" magazines
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c. 1950, first model Tach-a-loop with 5 barrel hinge
c. 1950's Zip-Slip tube produced by the Zira Laboratories division of Zippo -this was (?? & still is) produced for a long time.
1951 with a
1950 East African shilling coin on it.
It seems that R. H. Cullin worked for the Radio Marina
radio station in Eritrea 
- if only this Zippo could tell it's stories!
c. 1950 - 1959 Canada release
4th model Barcroft with a
Canadian Pat. 1950 insert
(it's difficult to identify the exact year
as the Pat. 1950 stamp was used
from 1950 - ?1966 although due to
changes in the insert stamp
it's probably between 1951-59).
Advert for a Canadian company.
c. early 1950's Italian chisel engraved handmade case (?? silver) with early '50's Zippo insert
1951 Fairbanks Morse chrome plated steel case, in original box with the initials "W.A.R." professionally engraved.
c. 1952 with hand engraved map of Greenland celebrating an expedition.
c. 1952 2nd model lossproof, 5 barrel, steel case with the large triangular loop 
1953 Chrome over steel Zippo with ski & ski boot holder
(not made by Zippo)
1953 Korean War steel case, '53,
full Pat. 2517191 bottom stamp.
100% mint with professional engraving on rear.
This was bought from an army PX
during the Korean War & is unusual in that
it came in the earlier box
normally used during WW2
c. 1950's - slim enamel & 800 silver lighter case made specially for a Zippo insert with a cameo on it. During the '50's silversmiths from many countries around the world (including Italy, Japan, Guatemala, Peru, Mexico) created cases for Zippo inserts. This piece is probably of Italian origin
Late '53, chrome plated steel case, 5-barrel hinge. Originally owned by famed race US car driver Harry Heuer, a son in the Peter Hand Brewery family who flew for Canada before America joined WW2. He bought the first Chaparral Scarab sold to the public, customer car #002, & raced it for his "Meister Brauser" team. The 'Meister Brauser Scarab' appeared in bare aluminum for the 1961 Riverside GP, but blew its engine in qualifying. He raced the car with some success at SCCA National & pro events in '62-63
c. early 1950's unsigned Italian chisel engraved handmade case which is almost certainly silver with an early '50's Zippo insert
Handmade lighter case of unknown origin made for a 1950's Zippo insert
Cardboard art from the Canada factory
In the days of using the pantograph engraving machine a cardboard was first drawn up of the design,
from which a brass etching plate was produced (more details bottom of page here).
Sometimes art would be drawn up, & the customer would not go through with the job, as it appears with these.
June 12, 1952
Had to get it for the quote on the back!
Brass engraving plate, late '50's, 10 cm square - for the extremely rare 1959 Town & Country series deer
Dashboard holder for a Zippo. Info on these is scarce - it seems they may have been given to employees c. 1950's/1960's as normally they are found very close to Zippo. Some have a double sided design although this one is single sided & has paint fade on the flame
1953 Shriners partial 
5 barrel steel case
1956 GE Refrigerator
1956/57 Slim Cobra Head - 10k Gold Fill in original "clamshell" box
(other cobra heads can be found in early Dennison boxes).
The "cobra head" inserts were produced for a short time only
- the "cobra head" is a flap of metal acting as a
guard over the striker wheel & would commonly break off after some use.
Because the idea was not successful Zippo themselves also ground off
the cobra heads, & moved the wick slightly, so that the inserts could be
used in newer lighters.
There are also a handful of regular size cobra head inserts
known to be in existance.
Retractable clothesline labelled "Zippo" but a source of confusion for collectors as these were made by Columbus Plastic Products not Zippo.They were made in black, green & red or as a black/red combination. Columbus also made "Zippo" labelled clothes pegs
1957 Thai military - double side with logo for Thai Army. According to a Thai friend it is for the department that administers army resources (anyone with more information please?)
1958 Red felt insert which was used on some inserts from approx late 50's to mid 60's & is fairly hard to find. Unused pads are bright red, used ones dark red (as this is)
1958 Shriners - double side, apparently given to, or in honour of, the top man in the Moslem Temple branch - had to get it for the quote on the back!
1958 Slim
(not a cobra-head)  in 2nd model hinged Dennison box. The first Dennison hinged box has a light green lid with silver diagonal stripes & was ordered via Bacchus Novelty.
Cardboard art from the Bradford factory of a golfer who appears to have spent too long
on the 19th hole. Uncertain of year although it was found with others from the late 1950's 
May 23, 1952 
June 4, 1952 
June 12, 1952
British American Oils dated 05/7/1953
Anglo Canadian Oils
dated March 1, 1954
Sept. 20, 1954 
1953 Borneo Sumatra Trading Co., New York
Circa 1950 Canadian release Zippo Lighter
with the U.S. military emblem attached
above the King's crown, maple leaves & crossed swords.
It probably commemorates a US/Canadian effort
& was owned by General (later Brigadier) Danby (more info here).
This Zippo was part of the remainder of Danby's estate as Danby had 2 sons
- one legitimate & one illegitimate.
The illegitimate son got his medals & most important things
(which apparently were sold off for a song some years back)
& the legitimate son got paintings & things of lesser import
- amongst them this Zippo. 
1959 for the US Mission in Colombia.
The paperwork is all in Spanish
which is very uncommon.
c. early 1950's unsigned chisel engraved custom-made case
with early '50's Zippo insert
1954/55 One Horse Outfit
(couldn't resist it!)
c. 1950s Siam (Thailand) made embossed silver case with Zippo insert. The figures are traditional Thai dancers.
30 Jun., '51
Less than a handful of this advert are known to exist
Zippo (R)

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