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Operation Deep Freeze / New Zealand / South Pacific

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1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's
1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Deep Freeze/NZ
"Operation Deep Freeze I was the codename for a series of scientific expeditions to Antarctica in 1955-56. The impetus behind these expeditions was the International Geophysical Year 1957-58. IGY, as it was known, was a collaboration effort between forty nations to carry out earth science studies from the North Pole to the South Pole and at points in between. The United States, along with Great Britain, France, Japan, Norway, Chile, Argentina, and the U.S.S.R agreed to go the South Pole--the least explored area on Earth. Their goal: to advance world knowledge of Antarctic hydrography and weather systems, glacial movements, and marine life. The U.S. Navy was charged with supporting the U.S. scientists for their portion of the IGY studies". New Zealand, particularly Christchurch & the nearby port of Lyttleton, has a long history of teams stopping on their way to Antarctica (excellent sites on the history of Antarctica here & on Deep Freeze in Antartica here)
1957 USS Atka (icebreaker) commemorating going to both the North & South Poles in 1956/57
1957 USS Lofberg (more info here)
1957, a.k.a. USCGC Glacier - a history-making icebreaker which served in the first three Operation Deep Freeze expeditions.
1958 Operation Deep Freeze
1958 Deep Freeze USS Staten Island AGB-5 town & country
Crossing the equator
Operation Deep Freeze
In 'navy-speak" a "polliwog" is someone who crosses the equator for the first time whereas a "shellback" is someone who has crossed it more than once (more info here). It appears there have been quite a few Zippos done to celebrate this crossing of the equator - so far I have only seen ones with the Neptune logo
1960 slim Antarctic Support Activities
Town & Country
1961 USCGC Eastwind Town & Country- Operation Deep Freeze Town & Country finish. It commemorates the WAGB world cruise of 1960-61 - the first icebreaker to circumnavigate the globe. "The Eastwind became the first cutter to ever circumnavigate the globe in 1960 when she departed Boston on 25 October 1960, transited the Panama Canal, crossed the Pacific Ocean, visited New Zealand and the McMurdo Sound Station, Antarctica, and sailed home via the Indian Ocean. "... She sailed through the Suez Canal, the Mediterranean Sea, through the Straits of Gibraltar, and arrived back at Boston in May, 1961." The Eastwind had a long association with Antarctica & did a second global circumnavigation in 1967."
close up
1964 regular size USCGC Eastwind - icebreaker for Operation Deep Freeze
1964 slim US Naval Antarctic Support Activities
Town & Country 
1966 Deep Freeze Town & Country
1979 Operation Deep Freeze Task Force 199 
1981 Operation Deep Freeze 
1982 - the NOAA R-103 was the Malcolm Baldridge research ship and was used by the NOAA from 1970-1995 to do environmental studies around the world. It later became the MV USHUAIA and does private cruises to the Antarctic for passengers and researchers.
1984 Operation Deep Freeze 30th anniversary 
1984 HMNZS Canterbury F-421
- a New Zealand navy boat  
1985 British Antarctic survey ship  
1987, ship associated with Operation Deep Freeze 
1988 advertiser for a New Zealand business 
1995 New Zealand Air Force - was only available to members of the New Zealand Airforce
1995 Royal New Zealand Navy -  was only available to members of the New Zealand Navy
1996, an unexpected gift from a friend at the 2006 Swapmeet - cheers Jim
1997 Christchurch casino
2003 British Antarctic research ship
2004 British Antarctic research ship
Antarctic research ships
New Zealand military - finding NZ military pieces is tough as our armed forces are so small in number
New Zealand misc.
c. 1967 brushed chrome rule (#6260) with imperial & metric blade
c.1967-75 HMNZS Waikato (New Zealand navy) on a Niagara Falls factory Zippo
Close up of design with a little of the original enamel paint remaining
1968 Factory etch for the joint Australian &
New Zealand force which served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam. Pic 2 shows a close up of the design with a little of the original enamel paint remaining
1975 Zippo meets New Zealand history
Lighter with the matching tape measure & a protest badge.The Zippos bear the logo of the now defunct "International Woodworkers of America" trade union alongside the AFL, CIO & CLC. The story/history that goes with it is intrinsically part of New Zealand history. The previous owner was a high up trade union representative in New Zealand &, in the very early 1980's, when New Zealanders were uniting to ban all nuclear activities, the US government gave all expenses paid trips to the US for quite a few of the top unionists in an effort to convince them to convince their members that NZ should not take this stance.Whilst in the US they meet with many top American trade unionists & were given these as mementoes of their trip.The "Don't buy L-P" (Louisiana Pacific Products) badge was acquired at the same time as at that stage L-P was engaged in particularly nasty strike breaking techniques
c. early 1980's. This was not made by Zippo but was made specifically for a Zippo. It was originally made by a New Zealand craftsman as a gift for his then girlfriend 20 or so years ago. She gave up smoking some years later & eventually sold it to me. It is made from 2 old silver forks cunningly welded together to hold the Zippo securely in place. One of the forks originally came from Trocadero, a long running top end bakery/cafe in Wellington, NZ - their stamp is visible on the handle (between the tines).
A non-Zippo leather lighter pouch made for a Zippo from an Australian cane toad - he's not looking too happy about it!
South Pacific
1994 handilite advertising the New Zealand Zippo distributor
1994 brushed chrome 
1972 Town & Country silk screen process
1977 slim with Deep Freeze on the reverse
1958 Deep Freeze USS Staten Island AGB-5 Shellback
1958 USCGC Northwind
with 1956 NZ 3d coin
1959 USS Peterson town & country
1961 slim Operation Deep FreezeTown & Country
1963/4 regular size
USS Hissem/ Deep Freeze
1957 USCGC Northwind
c. 1962 Deep Freeze
1971 Deep Freeze 
1975 USCGC Glacier slim
1982 Deep Freeze slim
1991 Deep Freeze 
1998 3 bases - South Pole, Palmer, McMurdo 
2002 McMurdo Station 
Other Operation Deep Freeze stuff
1955-56 Deep Freeze yearbook 
1956-57 & 57-58 Deep Freeze yearbooks 
Task Force 43 coffee mug
Various Operation Deep Freeze patches
1983 Deep Freeze "Winter over, 1984" - special for the isolated skeleton crew (as no planes can get in or out over this time)
1983 Deep Freeze slim

1943-45 Australia - with the black crackle scraped off & Australian war era coins attached by it's original owner - nothing personal against the Aussies but I would have preferred it with Kiwi coins!
c. 1952 chrome over steel Royal Australian Regiment.
Back has ?? rubbery-plastic-like logo
1978 Australia had a small contingent helping supervise the cease fire between Israel and Egypt in the Sinai.
c. 1950. Late in WW2 the
Whitby hadtransported members of the Royal New Zealand Air Force from Espirito Santo to Guadalcanal.
Ronson "Super Windlite" & "Typhoon" fluid pocket lighters with Operation Deep Freeze emblem, USA made
c. 1960 Deep Freeze
USS Staten Island AGB-5
4th model Barcroft
One of a kind  :-
1990 brushed brass
Deep Freeze 
1956 US Naval Mobile Const. Btn./Seabees
1958 US Naval Support Unit/Seabees
1999 3 bases - South Pole, Palmer, McMurdo 
1966 USCGC Westwind 
Task Force 43 ashtray
14cms square
1995 HMNZS Wellington,
professionally machine engraved
external to Zippo
1955 USS Edisto
1994 slim with an old NZ stamp applied post-production under a resin dome-like shield  
2007 1941 replica
1998 Scott Base 
1958 USS Edisto
1958 USS Staten Island
1968 Deep Freeze 
1966 USS Thomas J Gary /Deep Freeze double side Town & Country
2000 Antarctica 
Zippo belt buckle
c. 1961 USS Calcaterra
4th model Barcroft
ATC, pre 1966 (as the "Eights" base closed in 1965) from Japan, oversize (167mm tall!!) Zippo like lighter.
1991 hi polish chrome slim 
1999 - one of a kind experimental table lighter inset with a New Zealand 1 penny coin from 1941. This was created by Prof. David Soriano (University of Pittsburgh) who was a Zippo distributor from 1992-99. Talking with him he mentioned that for 2 or 3 months in 1999 he took some old Zippos, coins & 4"x2" wood & made a variety of different pieces
1992 Antarctic Visitor Centre, near Chch airport   
1965 Deep Freeze
with unusual colouring 
1968-75 Deep Freeze Barcroft
Late 1967
Deep Freeze Barcroft
Devron 6
1965 US Naval Support
1964 Polar exploration
1976 Palmer Station
1982 Palmer Station