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Some collectors .......
This page is dedicated to friends & customers who have a Free Spirit Zippo in their collection.
The idea started from Teresa sending us a picture of her & her one-of-a-kind Top Cat Zippo
- thanks for the inspiration Teresa!!
If you have a Free Spirit Zippo & would like to add your picture 
please email it (in .jpg format) to
A comissioned piece for a collectors wife. She has been nicknamed TopCat ever since she was young & was so excited with it that she sent this photo of her with the Zippo & her personalised numberplate.
with Lax, from Taiwan
Eric, from Taiwan, outside the shop & with his collection
Mike, from the USA, 
author of "And you thought Zippo only made lighters" with "V. Triplicacious"
Kimi's Sterling Silver 1941 Replica that he comissioned specially as a present to his brother
Bella, from China, with "La vita e bella" 
Bob (from Canada eh?) & his "Stripes 'n stars" 
Mr Albuquirky himself - Tom, from the USA, & the "Strangely normal, normally strange" Zippo 
Lisa, from the USA, & her "Peace of Mine 4 u" 
David & partner, from the USA, with their 2nd piece "Trilogy" 
Caleb, from the USA, & "Black Beauty" 
Melanie, from the USA, & her surprise gift from Mike - "M A Olive" 
With Mr Ralph Rose, from the USA, & his unexpected Free Spirit/Roseart - cheers for the photo Lynn 
Dong, from China, with his "Others" 
Lun Su & Dan Wang,from China,  with their 1937 Replica "Wisdom"
Yi Xin, from China, & his "Ramses"  
Franklin, from India, & his two   
Renee, from China, & her 
"Be Here"   
Ray, from the UK, 
with "Simple"   
Lou & his daughter, MacKenzie, from Canada, with "Jewels" 
- his just-in-time Xmas present celebrating his children   
Ray, from China, & "Moonscape"   
Qi Zhao, from China,
& "Danger"  
Tae, from Thailand, with "Ivy League" 
Yusuke, from Japan, & "Casa" 
Noah, with "Lit Up", &  Justice, with "Teks Ture" - brothers from the USA
Lizhong Qiao & Yuexia Wang, from China, with "Faire Bien"
Gillian & Leo, from China, with "Dream 4 2"
Chris, from the USA, & "Organic deco" (4th model Barcroft) & "L'Arc de Zippo"
Clark, from China, with "Koru Eternal"
 Alex, from China, with "Zippist"
Norm, from the USA,in front of his "Wall of Flame" (one Zippo of each year since 1934 - good luck on the '33 Norm), with "Bliss in Z"
T.Y., from Japan, with Weft
 Ren Ke Fei, from China,
with "Zee Bu T"
Mark, Jennifer & Yuan, from China, with "Rills"
Mrs B., the lovely lass from Florida, USA, with "Thort Full" - what an honour & a pleasure!
Chris, from the UK, with "Gleam"
Dennis, from the USA, with "Celebrate" & "Key of Z"
Mr Boo, from the UK, posing with some of his Da's pieces.
Jules & Mr Boo - ay up oppo!
Alex, from Germany, with (XLNT) "...I dare"
Norm, from the USA, with "Lamp post dance 
(or "The Waltz of the 3 x 3b's")
Bin, from China, with "In hiding"
Alex, from China, with "Ed-i-fy"
Teng Xin Zhe, from China,
with "Sam's Love"
Michael, from Germany, with "Outside hinge"
A family affair - Werner, Petra & their daughter, from Germany, with one of their Free Spirit pieces
Michael, from Germany, with "Simple Heart"
Willi, from Germany, with "Recipe"
Paul & Ella, from Holland, with "Big Life"
Chen Xi, 
from China, 
with "Ray-d-8"
from China, 
with the 3 piece "Me-mo-ry" set
Zhang Zhe & Nick, from China, with "Fre-res"
Norm with "CBSS"
Mr Huy & Thi, from Vietnam, with "Be Swift"
Asa, from China, 
with "Flame 4 Life"
Matthew, from South Africa, with "Kynde of Hearte"
Nicholas, from China, with "Amaz'd French"
Bob, from England, with "Cyrillic Blaze"
Howard, from USA, with "Down under fling"
Vincent & Vivian, from China, with "With the moon"
Rainier, from Germany, with "Four Thort"
Werner, Kassandra & Petra, from Germany, with "Five shakes" & "Floral d lite"
Willi, from Germany, with "High lands"
Rolf, from Switzerland, with "War, Parts A & B"
Ulli, from Germany, with "Strider"
Fang, from China, with "Freed facets"
John, from China, with "Belov'd"
Zippo (R)
One of a kind 

"in all things be passionate"