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The 1970's
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1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's
1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Deep Freeze/NZ
1970 Factory etch Vietnam. A genuine double side design Zippo
for a boat which served in the Vietnam war. Unfortunately,
as there are an incredible number of fakes on the market,
Vietnam War Zippos are probably the most dangerous area
of Zippo collecting.
To assure it is legitimate it pays to do a lot of research
& preferably head towards a "factory etch" design
(done by Zippo) rather than an "in country" design
(a design added by a Vietnamese engraver)
as the great majority of those are fake.
1970, first model Out-A-Matic ashtray originally invented by Canadian, Harold R. Carper. The first models had the 2 piece snuffer cap (the piece near the top which includes the printed advertising) where the later version had a one piece snuffer cap. The Out-A-Matics were only produced for 2 years
1971 slim
hi polish chrome featuring unusual emblem 
- it appears to be
in the style of
Paul Hajdu's work & is from the correct timeframe
1971 Shriners lighter & matching greenskeeper
c. 1971 Canadian release money clip/knife/nailfile combo with both English & Russian on it
c. 1973 This Zippo,of unknown origin, was customised by a highly skilled artisan using mother-of-pearl inlay on all faces of the case
c. 1973 Canada release
key holder
1975 Zippo advertiser
Knife & nail file
1974 Dewars whisky emblem Zippo
1976 brushed brass factory reject - this is an unusual piece as it was rejected before it reached the plating process. Brass finish Zippos were not released until 1983.
c. 1976 Canada release magnifying loupe - this has two separate magnifiers that pull out 
1977 Factory reject with an interesting double sided design that was saved from the rubbish by an ex employee. It was rejected due to an imperfection in the hinge cutout causing it to not close 100%. 
1978, a gift from Mike & Melanie to Martine
1976-79 (based on insert) 4th model Barcroft with 7 colour  double side  etch & fill design (more info on the Mahan here
1973 Life is fragile :- regular, slim, rule, knife/nail file, gold plated 4th model Barcroft
1975 slim Town & Country silk screen process
1977 5 colour slim 
(cheers Ray) 
c. 1977 Canada release magnifying loupe
1971 regular size
1971 Zip-a-part key chain (#5990) - designed so that it could be split into 2 seperate key holders quickly. It was quickly discontinued within the first year of production due to an inherent weakness in the connecting links.
1977 regular 
c. 1972 rule with white blade & both metric & imperial measurements
1978 first model letter opener (#7560) made by Alcas, NY. Only the first year model had the double concave grind on the blade - this grind  proved proved costly & had a high rejection rate hence the change in 1979 to flat grind
1976 slim advertising a French Canadian company
1978 Pittsburgh Paints slim, 11 colour, claimed to be the design with the highest number of colours
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