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Zippo collection
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The 1980's
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1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's
1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Deep Freeze/NZ
1988 commemorating Mr Blaisdell
c.1980 hi polish chrome advertiser rule for Cadillac tanks
c. 1980 Zippo playing cards supplied  by the United States Playing Card Co. of Cincinnati, Ohio. This first deck is the rarer Pinochle deck comprising of 48 cards (cheers Dennis), the 2nd, in it's advertiser case, is the normal full set of cards.
?? c. 1980 Emblem display sheet
that was in Mr Bill Galey's collection.
(cheers Jack) 
c. 1981 Pill Box 
c.1981 pill box (cheers Jeff) 
Year unknown - a prototype Zipp-chute (very few known to exist) - this was designed for practising golfers to use. The standard golf ball has a parachute attached - when the ball was hit the parachute would open causing the ball to drop not far from the golfer so that they didn't have far to walk to retrieve it. Pic 4 shows it's box & pic 5 a close-up of the imprinted golf ball
1986 Mr Peanut advertiser - on a very early 1937 replica (H II bottom stamp) 
1987 Serenity prayer (& Alcoholics Anonymous motto) 
1988 1st Release 1932 Replica x 2 - the previous owner of these was Jim Fiorella who wrote the must have book for collectors of Vietnam Zippos "The Vietnam Zippo 1933-1975" & is featured on page 20 in his book. They features "In country" style designs replicating the work so commonly done by Vietnamese engravers both during & after the Vietnam war.The 1st release 1932 replicas came out in 1988, followed by the 2nd release '32 replicas (c.1996) & the '33 1st release replicas (as a result of the 1997 discovery by Linda Meabon that Zippo sold it's first Zippo in 1933 & not 1932 as had previously been thought). The 1st release replicas are the hardest to find as far smaller numbers were made of them & they have small differences. The bottom stamp has the original ZIPPO logo & the hinge is placed slightly higher than the later replicas. 
1988 commemorating Mr Blaisdell 
1981 13" rule (metric & imperial). Chrome plated over brass, 1.5mm thick with a blank back. These were discontinued within the 1st year of production as after a few months Zippo discovered problems with the transfer imprint stretching during application (causing incorrect calibration of the measurements). After a few attempts to rectify this production was stopped. This particular rule features Mr Greg Booth's alma mater, The Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
One of a kind  :-
c. late '80's lit shop display sign
1988 slim with the smallest factory etch writing I've yet seen on a Zippo
c. 1982 early model "Foliage" (#7250) cut-about knife in the 2nd version of the early box. The Cut-abouts were manufactured specifically for Zippo by Alcas of Olean,NY. & debuted in 1981. In later years they were comissioned from Case & Camillus (NY)