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Zippo collection
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The 2000's
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1930's 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's
1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's Deep Freeze/NZ
2001/02 Test sample made as one of the possible choices for the C.O.T.Y. 70th Anniversary "Friends for a Lifetime" on a Gold Rush Vein finish  - eventually it went into production on a 1941 replica brushed brass.
2002 ZippoClick collector club First Collectable "Charter Member" 1941 replica. Members had the option of having their Click membership number engraved on them with the first 1000 members having the option of "Charter Member" as well
c. 2003 advertiser belt buckle 
for The Studio.

c. 2003 Zippo money clip. Money clips, produced by Bacchus Novelty,  were first introduced in 1985.
Employee only armor case Zippo with it's presentation box & paperwork celebrating the 400 millionth lighter made on September 3, 2003
2004 Metal Gear Solid 3 - the MGS3 lighter was given out during events when the game was released
2004 One of a kind luminous Zippo. This beauty was made by a good friend, Jeff Lawton, in the USA. He based the design on a traditional Maori bone fish hook pendant that was given to him at the 2004 Swapmeet. The fish hook glows in the dark.
c. 2005 - For Canadian release only, Zippo disposable 27 shot camera manufactured in Mexico under license to Zippo
Zippo matches (?? c. 1990's)
2006 50th Anniversary of the Slim Lighter ZippoClick limited edition
Specially chosen for it's number as the European emergency phone number for the fire brigade is 112
Gift from author, Mike Grimaldi, featuring the cover of his book "And you thought Zippo only  made lighters". These were produced as a set accompanied by a Ziplite insert & 50 were made in total. Cheers Mike for a great set & an even greater book.
A 2006 Toffee Zippo made for the 2006 Swapmeet, with accompanying letter. This was a surprise Xmas  thank you from Pat Grandy, Zippo's Marketing Communications Manager, for the 10 piece Charity Auction set & is specially signed  by Mr George Duke.
2007 UK numbered limited edition
2007 75th Anniversary ZippoClick limited edition
2007 Curly maple Roseart 4 face design celebrating Zippo's 75th anniversary
(limited edition of 75 made)
2007 Curly maple Roseart 4 face design celebrating Roseart's 50th anniversary
(limited edition of 50 made)
Custom made "pastie" of Brother Bob Eh - although it's numbered 4 of 6, there were actually 7 made - possibly the most beautiful custom ever made!!??
2007 St Clare - one of the ferries running to the Isle of Wight. 100 of these were commissioned by English collector & tug boat driver, Ray Taylor
"Cutaway" Zippo made by a friend to display a Zippo's insides
A token & a letter opener that  were part of the "goodie bag" that was given by Zippo to attendees at the Zippo Click Together & a 75th Anniversary lapel badge
Front & back faces of the 75th Ann. medallion
Front & back faces of a ?? pewter Zippo coaster issued by Zippo UK - front view (cheers John)
2003 satin chrome with unsigned custom chisel engraving 
Zippo Club tie pin, ?? 2000's.
One of a kind  :-