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"Aotearoa" by Martine
Lamp with glass and Oamaru stone base
300 x 300 x 45 mm base - 370mm total height
Ref. no SMGAo                      NZ$280 .00
Wall hung flat glass sheet, 2 stage blasting
350 x 350 x 8 mm
Ref. no SMGFR                  NZ$245 .00
Hip flask " Kowhaiwhai "
"Kowhaiwhai" by Martine
Hip flask 7oz decorated on both sides with a "Kowhaiwhai"
- Maori name for repetitive pattern -
Stainless steel 110 x 95 mm
Ref. no SMHP              ***SOLD***
Blue vase
blue vase
"blue vase" by Martine
by Paul Laird from Nelson
210 mm diameter - 210 height
Ref. no SMBV            NZ$ 120 .00
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"Per ardua....." by Paul
Latin, trans. "To the stars through difficulties"
Slumped glass platter 
310 mm corner to corner - 1 kg

Ref. no. SPPeA                                ***SOLD***
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