2010 Case Collector Reunion
Bradford, PA, USA
July 16 & 17, 2010

Although this event was organised by Case,
they kindly allowed Zippo collectors to be part of it.
There was a great turnout of ZippoEnthusiastNetwork (ZeN) members also
- in my experience the first time for a real mingling of both
Case & Zippo collectors.
More pics on Case website here

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Stopover on the way to the gathering - at the Encounter Restaurant that looks like a UFO at LAX airport - Rev. Romero, Amelia & John Cornelius, self & Hen
 Howard - chauffeur
extraordinaire & my compatriot in crime - in the much used chairs at the DeSoto
 The view from the chairs - it seems like the guys working on Rt. 219 were having their own Mack expo
 Signs outside the factory on Case's fence (though perhaps missing the words "Fear for your sanity all ye who pass this point")
2 of the 4 huge tents used for the show. 
The lead up .......
During .......
The Tsar (Case muscle) & Mr Mogadishu (Zippo roarer) discussing plans for world domination (a.k.a. an unholy cross border alliance)
The Case forum dinner at Togi's restaurant ..... 
Pic courtesy of Hen
Pics courtesy of Jack (Psupug)
Pics courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
The show .....
Mr Notorious (Uncle Jim) & Tom Arrowsmith (Case President.) It appears Tom learnt well from previous encounters hence inclining his head away to avert a smooch attack
Who said the Grateful Dead weren't alive & kicking? (though it looks like the guy in the loud shirt saw all their concerts!)
Pics courtesy of Jim
Pics courtesy of Len (LCStockman)
Pics courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
 Mr Widowmaker Esq. himself & the room of doom & drooling.
NB 2 German heads in foreground sporting their orange, or we support Holland in the World Cup,
t-shirts (out of pic)
Pics courtesy of Howard
  8.30am breakfast at The Bradford Club (tho' German time was 32.32575 minutes  late) - left to right AndyZip, Petra, and Kathy Jones & Chris Lechner from Zippo 
Kathy kindly took us up to Zippo's boardroom afterwards (& later to the Design Incubator room) - on the way we were attacked by the man in black carrying fruit & vegies - Norm, you're a peach!
Pic courtesy of Howard
Catching up with second family ....
But one of the many stunning pies of architecture Bradford is filled with
Pic courtesy of Norm (Bumm)
Pic courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Pics courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Pics courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Pic courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Pic courtesy of Ken 
Pic courtesy of Howard (Duck)
Pic courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Artisan Tom Wolfe taking a class on wood carving, some of his figures ...... & some of them even walking out of the tent - this particular pair were titled "Man with hands in pocket & caddy"
The gathering of the motorcycles for the "Kids with Cancer" charity run
Pics courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
Pic courtesy of Scott (Gobblergetter)
Pics courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
??, ??, Justin & Scott discussing finer details
Tracey BigReagan (red t-shirt), his dad OKReagan, & Uncle Jim searching for that elusive piece
A magnificent collection of trappers from backwoods (ooops upstate) New York
Starburst of slimlocks with understandably proud owners' reflections
Needing money for fuel, a young collector is sent out begging by his father
Working at looking organised - appearances ARE deceptive
Paul giving a royal wave (imposter alert! - Jack Psupug is hoping to talk in a cultured accent after sitting in my chair)
Learning the gentle art of contentment from Don Kuhar
- a true honour
Dana, Robin, Michelle & Marilyn - sadly in the adrenalin filled chaos we missed spending quality time together :-(
"Trust us, we know what we're talking about ...... ye gods, we even have similar glasses!"
What a handsome couple! Mike G & Kelly Roseart
The motley crew ...... hanging out outside the DeSoto.
Back: Norm, Ken,Rob G., Joe C., Mike G., Bill, Howard, moi, Tom
Front: Bob, Bill & Jay, unknown, Howard & Bev, Marci 
The hand made quilt made by Wilma (Ladybug) which was signed by most of the attendees before being presented to Mike Dubois - Case's much loved modelmaker
... as Dad has every intention of riding this home 
Pic courtesy of 
Jim (Canblade)
Looking up mainstreet at the famous neon
Zippo HQ on Barbour St.
A likely bunch
(with Mike, Howard & Bill)
Pic courtesy of Ken (Beerbrandx)
Pic courtesy of Lewis & Theresa
Pics courtesy of Lewis & Theresa
AndyZip - on time & taking good care of Roseart's table
"Dems fightin' words! ;-)" - Dana, Robin & the delightful Bill K.
Pic courtesy of Lewis & Theresa
"..... Aye, this is the hand that causes all the mischief ...."
Pic courtesy of UncleJim
"..... Ahaaa, now I see ....",
a punter looking at a piece thru my magnifying glasses
Pic courtesy of Alan Hancock
of The Bradford Era
Here is a video Ken took at my table (with Ken doing his best to get everyone, except himself, in the video)

"in all things be passionate"
Case (R) knives
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