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Case Collector Appreciation Weekend
Bradford, PA, USA
July 18 & 19, 2008
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Mrs Bum, Bum watching Hamblel prove that chicken was made to be snorted
At the Rosearts before the event
The Case Collectors Club forum dinner
My table at the event
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First stop on arrival in Bradford - visiting dear friends in their new Roseart shop - 119 Main Street
The (shocking) welcome sign on the front door - the Zippo & Case knife being pieces Paul has done & the stunning Roseart being yet another magnificent piece by Claudio Mazzi
The effervescent Kelly - 3rd generation Rose in Roseart
...... ably assisted by "Mum" Rose
Bradford newspaper article showing the first Franciscan Roseart lighter being presented to Father Fidelis O'Rourke, O.F.M., by Hugh Ryan, mayor of Bradford, & Mr Philip Rose, founder of Roseart. Fr. O'Rourke suggested the name Franciscan
Prototype 1st model Rosearts - these never went into production as they were considered too "top heavy"
Further pieces in the gallery of early pieces display
Mr Rose's original salesman's briefcase
Modern Roseart pieces are for sale as well as Case knives, other Roseart products & works by local artisans
Another surprise - a poster in the Roseart  emporium - Steve Mahon did the collage work on it & did a similar one featuring Claudio's work. (For composition reasons Steve flipped the photo of Paul engraving which makes him appear left-handed whereas in reality he is right handed)
Roseart/Zippo commemorative pair showing the old & new buildings (numbered limited edition of 50) (cheers Kelly)
On the Thursday night before the official event started forum members Psupug, Rayban & Tsar organised a phenomenal get-together (dinner, door prizes, round table & research) at Beefeaters Restaurant - what an icebreaker that proved to be with many forum buddies meeting each other in person for the first time.
Mrs Bum & Bum watching Hamblel prove that chicken was made to be snorted
CMontgomery, Shirley Boser - the Case historian, & SuzyQ in deep discussion
This quilt was a labour of love handmade by Ladybug - it was presented to Case & signed by attendees at the dinner
Shirley & her niece, Lisa Boser Miller - much loved head of Case Collectors Club, & Mr Tom Arrowsmith, president of Case  with creator Ladybug
Hamblel with Tsar holding him onto the ground to prevent him flying off after that chicken, with 2BladeHobo & KnifeJunky riding shotgun in case of problems
The 3 Amigos (Rayban, Psupug & Tsar) doing some well deserved research
Kiwi hands, Canuck belly with Kiwi T & What's in Tsars pocket? Paul holding what seems like half of Case's production over the last year - man that Tsar must have reinforced pockets with the amount of cutlery he's carrying round!
Legendary factory tour leader, Whitey (in the background) & the colourful Rose, Tsar's better half, thinking "I wonder if his stitching will hold up
The next generation ........  Philip & partner's wee one
Lisa with Shuk's gift hat
Bum, 73-ag, Hamblel & Fitz
The welcome sign on my display table
My table ready for action - the hat on the left is covered with hatpins ready for swapping - an ingenious idea of Lisa's for breaking the ice
One of the 2 cases of Cases I had on display
The second case
Zippos on display
Welcome sign, forum name badge, exhibitor lanyard with swapped hatpins & wanted cards of various Case staff members
Case (R) knives
2008 Case  gathering