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Collector Appreciation Weekend
Bradford, PA, USA
July 18 & 19, 2008
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The characters & the event
The Grand Collectors Dinner Auction & afterwards
This event featured 2 auctions - a silent auction & a live auction. The first ever Case knife I worked, "Case Premiere" (more pics here) was part of the silent auction, with all the proceeds going to the local ambulance service
The 200 Club breakfast
The super generous LC Stockman & his winnings
The luminous SuzyQ & her winnings
A small post event gathering at Lisa & Phil's house
Many, many thanks to all who went out of their way to make it such a mind-boggling time & also to those who have let me use their photographs in here.
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3.45am - this gentleman appears to have escaped from the locked Case compound (it seems hard to believe the story that he was first in the queue waiting for a special Case knife)
4.00am Detailed plans being discussed by the BigReagan security staff (donut control specialists), ably assisted by refreshment server Lisa, to ensure that the dangerous escapee is kept contained
With Casey Case, the wandering blade, & the lovely Staci, Case's International Sales Manager
CaseTested, Elvis & I looking at some of the pieces Elvis has customised for UncleJim's collection - a stabilised corn handle one & a stabilised toast handled one!
SweetCheeks & Ain't Donna (the purty halves of Elvis & Uncle Jim) discuss the tribulations of having knife collecting hubbies
Mr Arrowsmith & Uncle Jim comparing notes on a piece
Famed custom knife maker,Tony  Bose, has left the tent - Elvis the impersonator appears
Elvis explaining his actions to Tony
Uncle Jim comforts Tony
while Elvis wishes he was Tony
Artisan carver Tom Wolfe
Some of Tom's carvings (done using a Case knife)
The winner of the Job Russell Case look-a-like competition
Past Case president, Mr Bob Farquharson, was at the event
Stevee, Elvis, CaseTested & LC Stockman
UncleJim, Elvis, the notoriously-difficult-to-catch-in-a-photograph Shuks & CaseTested  (note that Shuks & CaseTested are standing well out of kissing range)
"Case Premiere", with upwards of 40 hours work on it,  ready for the silent auction in the presentation box kindly supplied by Case
After the auctions end Mr Arrowsmith introduced me to it's winners, Frank & Myrl Wade of Texas - a big thank you for their generous support
Later a Case sponsored fireworks display lit up the Bradford night
Breakfast time
2 well loved identities in the Zippo world - Jeff Widowmakers & Jack
2 most special friends - Lisa & hubby Phil
Lisa presenting Philip with a special Case knife in honour of his service in Iraq
Lisa & her bevy of handsome men - a special raffle was held with all ticket holders receiving prizes & these guys gave out some of them
Sometimes, for even the hardiest of souls, the excitement & sleeplessness gets a little much .........
Tominator & his winnings - a 1980 prototype smooth antique bone canoe. Tominator's enthusiasm is infectious! (not dissimilar to his Dad, Gobblergetter)
Shirley Boser said that Tominator's prize was one of the rarest prototypes given away as part of the 200 Club raffle - here is a close-up with it's certificate
The super generous LC Stockman & his winnings
The luminous SuzyQ & her winnings
SweetCheeks, CaseTested (behind LCStockman), Rose, myself, Elvis, Hamblel, Tsar & Gerald
Phil & I turning the corn
on the BBQ
Case (R) knives
2008 Case  gathering