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Case knives factory tour
   Case (R) hand crafted knives come from a long tradition of only allowing the finest  American hand built knives to be produced & traces it's lineage back to the master craftsmen knifemakers of Sheffield in England. W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. was started back in 1889 in upstate New York. The Case family formed a cutlery dynasty that would eventually own & operate more than a dozen firms. Of these firms it is the one started by Russ Case, with the help of his father, William Russell Case, that grew to dominate & become the W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. that is so loved today. Case knives are particularly famous for their practise of "twice tempering & testing" their blades - hence the famous "Tested XX" trademark. Their factory is in Bradford, Pennsylvania.
     In 1993 W.R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co. became part of another privately owned business, Zippo Manufacturing Company.

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Our falling in love with Case began with meeting Lisa & Phil, through a mutual friend, on their honeymoon cruise around the South Pacific. It was great to spend a day showing them a little of Christchurch. While we were in Bradford (for Zippo's 75th anniversary celebrations) Lisa gently seduced us into Case-mania by inviting us to do a Case factory tour followed by the rare honour of being allowed to make our own Red Bone Chrome Vanadium Slimline Trappers - WOW!!!!!!
Photos courtesy of Lisa Boser
A special thanks to Mr Tom Arrowsmith, president of Case Cutlery, & Lisa for both their generous hospitality & taking time out of their already busy days to spend with us. Thanks also to those who assisted in making our visit so magical - Staci, Whitey, Toni , Rich & Ricky - it was a real pleasure!
Paul's much loved every day use trapper
Case's factory in Bradford, PA. Case moved their factory to Bradford in 1905.
With Phil Miller & Lisa Boser - Lisa is head of the Case Collectors Club
With Whitey Peterson, our factory tour guide. Whitey's knowledge & passion for Case's knives was infectious!
Martine working on her knife
Martine's tutor,Rich Mascho, pointing out some of the finer details.
Martine checking her pride & joy's sharpness.
Paul at work on his Trapper
Ricky Deitz highlighting an area that needs additional work.
2 ecstatic foreigners with their finished knives & their tutors. (& no the glasses are safety glasses, not a fashion statement!)
Paul's much loved every day use trapper   
Case (R) knives
2007 Factory tour