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2010 Case Collector Reunion

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The ZeN forum dinner at Kelly's Bar & Grill ....
sadly Vicki, who started ZeN, couldn't be there but her presence was deeply felt - her cake balls were exquisite!
The Case dinner & charity auction ....
The 300 Club breakfast ....
The unofficial evening gathering at the Heritage Suites ....
Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
Legendary knife maker, Tony Bose, with the enchanting Katie Shonts, Case historian
Pic courtesy of Howard
Pic courtesy of Howard
Pic courtesy of Norm
(with his rose tinted specs on)
Pic courtesy of Scott
Justin, Scott,
Mrs & Mr Mike Dubois
Pic courtesy of Scott (Gobblergetter)
The kind & thoughtful
Nurse Staci (Case's International Sales Manager) taking my charity auction piece, "Liberty", out into the sun for a modelling session earlier in the afternoon
"Liberty" - a Granddaddy Barlow with most of the poem "The New Colossus" (" ....... Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free .......") by Emma Lazarus on it. This poem, in it's entirety, is on a brass plaque on the base of the Statue of Liberty
Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
A certain gentleman (Scott) was seen calling turkeys, he called ............... past Bradford's Statue of Liberty (a.k.a. Cyclone Catie) .... the paparazzi (Gerald & Uncle Jim) was in full force .... diversionary tactics were employed to get past security (Len & Ron).......
Case (R) knives
2010 Case  gathering
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During ....... cont'd
Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
.... cuteness (& colour coordination) worked for Jeff & Martine ..... security camera footage showed less success with these three obviously deviate characters ........

.... thankfully the busy pizza boy (Rayban) made it through .... very interested in the pretty women he was ........ though Elvis wanted five finger discount ......

Everywhere Martine turned those Case boys (Scott, Len, Paul & Lee) were trying to nab her ...... & some of 'em were mighty serious .....

Pic courtesy of Jim (Canblade)
.... & Catie flaunted her multi tasking skills.

Jack advertising gas & Bill looking like he's just ..... ...

.... Norm got the t-shirt ..... Scott was surprised (& Jim Canblade was seriously considering recrossing the border for safety) .....

.... & Ken says "What the heck, let's enjoy it anyway" ..... Catie looks on in disbelief,
Tyler takes it in his stride .... Bob is alert to the competition .....

.... but what a sunset!
(Yes, this story is a complete fabrication, but it was a fun way of tying these pics together ;-))

.... Paul pontificating on it's limited effect on the atmosphere .....

The Jewel sisters share some mischief (front Margaret, Marci & Arlinda, back Marci & Veneta) that Uncle Jim loosed on them

Roundtable delights ...... a practical guide to enlightened leadership....
Step 1 : form a simple circle

... panic has already set in ....

Step 2 : listen carefully to LC's instructions (whilst trying to avoid facetious interjections)

... uncertainty .... the bossman has changed the circle into a rectangle ..... oh well ...
ours not to reason why .....

... democracy at work ....

Step 3 : Commence controlled chaos

... Paul,  "I don't like this game, that was a wrecked rectangle & I feel like a minority", winding up empty handed.....

Pics courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Some of the spectacular auction items
Pic courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Pic courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Pics courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Pics courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
The tables with the auction pieces (proceeds to Kids with Cancer)
The anxious wait
Tracey BigReagan & Dad OKReagan preparing .....
... DecadesPast, Tsar, Rayban & Bumm following their lead
Miss Efferervescent drops a bombshell - the naming of the Case Ambassadors (recognising people, both within Case & collectors, who have gone above & beyond in their support & service to others)
- big congratulations to all!
The auction begins!
Wilma Ladybug & Bill Knifejunky
Case staff still beaming at a
Debbie Mrs Pug, Jack Psupug (new Case Ambassador) & Miss Lisa
It's hungry work ...
.... with the chance to win one of these beautiful prototype knives to come ....
.... poor Justin ... being so patient nearly killed him but what a victory!
These pics are an assortment courtesy of previously mentioned photographers
Pics courtesy of UncleJim
A proud grandfather shares the limelight
Mother Lisa, Operations Manager,
Case's Roving Hug Dispensation Dept.
Pic courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Pic courtesy of Gerald (Shuks)
Pic courtesy of UncleJim
A well deserved dispensation to a proactive ambassador / forumite
Pics courtesy of UncleJim
It's about family ..... hubby Phil & Auntie Shirley
Mr & Mrs Bliss