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2010 Case Collector Reunion

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Case (R) knives
2010 Case  gathering
The aftermath .......
Martine highly impressed to be posing with the travelling ZeN sign, Delia (Mike's 2010 Mustang - I'm gutted as I still haven't even seen her in the flesh not to mention ridden in her ) & the Statue of Liberty
..... & Martine nearly in tears as Mike thoughtfully took her to visit Joey Ramone's gravestone (not far from where he lives) - an experience she will never forget!
The "We're about to leave town" breakfast of some of the ZeNites .....
Pic courtesy of Howard
Pics courtesy of Mike G
After heading back to France Martine went to a mini-Zippo meeting in Paris followed by this one with the Toulon Zippo jetset - Serge, Patrick & Patrice
.... and my trip home to New Zealand ...... some things are better left unsaid ..... but it started with missing the turn off to Buffalo airport ...... missing the first of 4 planes by 5 minutes & consequently enjoying 35 hours of sitting in a variety of airports in between flights .....
As always a gihooderous thanks to all those who have given of their time, joy & love to make this time so special - you're too numerous to cite by name but we're proud to call you family.

Special condolences & love to Tracey Reagan & Donald Kuhar who both lost their life partners shortly before the meeting.
In the news .......
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