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Lighters made in
Triplex - the older 2 on the left are Junior 6600s & the newer one on the right is a Super 6700
FCL, 1911 - Austria - springloaded/push button lighter. 5.6cm tall.
Streamline 6800
misc.  .......
Wifeu Seigneur fluid ball lighter, c. 1950. This beautifully engineered semi-automatic mechanism was patented in 1948 - a very similar version was used on the Wifeu Twinlite pocket lighter & the Beney Penge. Unlike flat advertisers it requires a very small push (approx. 1.5mm) to open & light
Wifeu lighters were made by the Wiener Feuerzeug und Metallwarenfabrik Company, set up by Charles & Ed. Bernhardt
Pacific, automatic fluid lighter. 52mm tall.
RK (Richard Kohn) Erkanor c. 1926, geared push button semi-automatic fluid lighter.
61mm tall.
Imco (Julius Meister & Co.) was founded in Vienna in 1907 originally producing brass buttons. They started producing lighters after WW1. Early models used brass cartridge cases
Gunlite 6900, pocket, fluid, automatic, 59mm tall