c. WW1 era "trench art" lighter
Unmarked c. WW1 trench art book lighter
Unmarked fluid table lighter with unusual wand mechanism
Unmarked fluid table lighter with glass base
Unmarked Zippo styled fluid pocket lighter with an "unusual" design
Eames era butane table lighter
Unmarked hand painted bone china fluid table lighter - prob. Japan
Unmarked butane table lighter set with printed design
Unmarked miniature keychain fluid lighter
Unmarked butane table lighter
M.B. fluid lighter(?? Austria, ?? c.1910) with a Thorens-like mechanism
GLC liftarm fluid pocket lighter (probably French), 50mm tall
Unmarked fluid pocket lighter
Unmarked Zippo-like lighter (an early lesson in "buyer beware"!)
Unmarked fluid nude lighter,1950's, 10cms tall
Unmarked fluid table lighter, 80mms tall
Unmarked enamelled fluid ball table lighter with  4 card suites design, probably of German or Japanese origin
Unmarked fluid table lighter advertising NZ beer brand
(prob. Japanese),54mm tall
Omega fluid pocket lighter with bakelite case
Unmarked c. WW1 "trench art" heavy custom made fluid pocket lighter, 46mm tall (poss. English)
Daltis leatherwrapped fluid table lighter
(?? US or UK ??)
Unmarked fluid table lighter, 88mms tall
Surebet aluminium block fluid pocket lighter (probably US made c. 1950)
Unmarked c. WW2 "trench art" custom made fluid pocket lighter with English coins
Unmarked c. WW1  fluid pocket lighter (prob. French origin)
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Unmarked celluloid wrapped fluid liftarm pocket lighter,
39mm tall
CC&C liftarm fluid pocket lighter (probably French), 33mm tall (?? same maker as the GLC)
Unmarked fluid table lighter (similar to the Ronson Senator but smaller) advertising NZ company (upside down ;-)!)
(prob. Japanese), 60mm tall
Unmarked Arc de Triomphe design, probably made by Autoluxe in  France
Unmarked fluid pocket lighter (48 mm tall) with the 2nd French tax stamp.
Reflector liftarm fluid lighter(?? Germany, ?? c.WW2) with chisel engraved design, 75mm tall
1-1 pull apart fluid pocket lighter (probably French), with 2nd French tax stamp, 69mm tall
Aluminium pull apart fluid pocket lighter (probably French), with removable striker wheel to replace the flint 69mm tall
Unmarked pull apart fluid pocket lighter (probably French), 67mm tall
Unmarked WW2 dark green crackle fluid pocket lighter (probably USA), 67mm tall
Unmarked flip top fluid, probably made in  France, 65mm tall
Roland automatic fluid lighter, ?? Japan, 46mm tall