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Lighters made in
(Ronson here, Zippo here)
Park a.k.a. Park Sherman, of Springfield, Illinois, USA
c. 1940's?? - unusual very heavy (?? pot metal) lighter from Bor-Lenz
Bottom stamp
Early model "Jet"
ASR Ascot fluid table lighter
ASR fluid lighter
(?? lighter part of figural dagger)
Berkeley Fluid pocket lighter with aluminium case & steel insert (?? c. 1950's), pic 2 shows insert & cam mechanism  & pic 3 the closed fuel cell bottom
Evans 2 x gold plated fluid table lighter
Evans Bone china fluid table lighter
Evans "Black Starr Gorham Sterling Weighted 888" with engraving for Sands Point Golf Club Championship, 1960
Evans c. 1934 fluid pocket lighter
Evans Enamel & gold plate fluid table lighter
Evans c. 1950's fluid table lighter
Evans ?? c. 1941 ?? "Spitfire"
Negbaur Brass cannon fluid table lighter, 216mm long
Negbaur The rarer chrome cannon fluid table lighter
Negbaur Knight fluid table lighter, 78mm tall
Negbaur Crest (pat. 1949) chrome fluid table lighter.
The lighter body design was done in 1945 by Herman Treiss who designed many of ASR's table lighters.
59mm tall
Negbaur c. 1939 Golf clubs fluid table lighter, 127mm tall
Negbaur Bakelight (??) Knight fluid table lighter, 82mm tall
Negbaur Fluid table lighter, 242mm tall
Negbaur Fluid lighter pencil combo pocket lighter
Negbaur Bulldog
Negbaur Mystic Flame (pat. Dec, 1939), battery & fluid table lighter with wand
Negbaur Cigar
Negbaur c. 1940 "Miss Cutie" table lighter marked Patent Pending
Park WW2 era pocket lighter with steel case & insert & owner attached emblems. Pic 3 shows the simple yet effective cam system. the tube to the left of the slint screw holds spare flints
Park Fluid advertising pocket lighter with aluminium case & insert
Park Fluid advertising table lighter with aluminium case & insert
Phone Lite
fluid table lighter & ashtray set
Jet Line (Brooklyn, N.Y.,) fluid table lighter
c. mid 1960's
Nimrod Pipelighter fluid pocket lighter
c. early 1970's
Nimrod pipelighter with all it's original packaging & paperwork
Metro fluid pocket lighter from Paragon Products Co., Toledo, Ohio
Golden Wheel miniature liftarm fluid lighter, c. late 1940's
Strike-a-lite hand painted bone china fluid pocket lighter
Tom "Pyro" Prylinski modern trench art lighter - a very knowledgeable (& super lovely) longtime collector. Pic 3 - the lighter & Tom's business card - too funny!
RadioShack/Tandy solar powered lighter, c. late 1940's
Bor-Lenz unusual very heavy
(?? pot metal) fluid lighter with aluminium insert,
c. 1940's??
MEB Diplomat fluid lift arm (c. 1920's)
Nassau  fluid pocket lighter made by The American Button Co., NJ.
Although the bottom stamp claims it was patented in 1905 it is more likely to have been produced post 1910
Later model "Jet"
The fascinating "Jet" was designed by Francis Leslie Phillips in 1944 & appears to have been produced until 1961. It is an improvement on, and an almost exact duplicate of, William E. Evans 1939 design for the Waterbury Lock & Speciality Co. of Milford, Connecticut. It appears that Evans' design was based on Guy Barker's (London, England) invention of the first jet lighter in 1929.
The Jet lighter is a fluid lighter, &, having a metal tube with a micro-orifice next to the side of the wick, will produce either a normal Zippo-like flame, or, if tilted 45 degrees, will produce a long jet flame up to 6 cms long which is ideal for lighting pipes (pics 1 & 2). This jet flame was also promoted as being useful for thawing frozen car locks, blackening gun sights, lighting fireplaces & camfires, & doing small soldering jobs
  Colby Pocket lighter x 2, 6 cms tall. The early model (left) has the single base screw as against the later version with 2 screws
New Method Quick Action, Bradford, PA. A methanol pocket lighter with a platinum catalyst. Unusual as bottom stamp is over-stamped with “Case made in Japan” (see last pic). New Method used some of the same suppliers as Zippo.
ASR Ascot fluid table lighter
ASR 1949 - 53 Heritage 3 piece fluid table lighter set (tray, lighter & cigarette holder) in rhodium finish with bakelite handles. The automatic 'Light-Switch Action' lighter insert will stay lit without holding it.
Douglass c. 1926 fluid table lighter, 105 mm tall
  Colby Athena table lighter, 67 mm tall
Hollywood Orb, c1940's, table lighter with automatic press button mechanism & windproof chimney
Negbaur c. 1940's early ?? plastic/bakelite/catalin chess pieces
Negbaur Lighter in fob watch shape,
c. 1940's, operated by depressing nob causing
area to the left of the 10 to open & light
Negbaur Eagle alloy pocket lighter with lacquer finish designed in 1941 with patriotic overtones as US was about to enter WW2.
Mayfair fluid lift arm, 37mm tall
ASR 2 Ascot Pagoda fluid table lighters
Douglass Early advert
Lighter etc.
Douglass 2nd model Silhouette fluid pocket lighter, c. 1928  - the body was thinner than the first model, the Standard. 53 mm tall
Douglass Lighter Company was started by Leon F. Douglass who patented his semi-automatic lighter with a powerful swing-arm action on October 12,1926. He was a prolific inventor who was one of the founders of the Victor Talking Machine Company. Bottom stamps can be found with either Menlo Park, California or the Wrigley Building, Chicago. He also worked with the Wadsworth Company, who were master jewellers & watch case makers, to produce a more upmarket line.
Evans Founded c.1918 the Evans Case Company (formerly The Evans Novelty Company) of Attleboro, Massachusetts started producing lighters by 1928 & stopped in 1960
Capitol - an automatic petrol cigar lighter. Capitols were likely manufactured in the late 1920's-early 1930's and none date from before 1924. The unusual brass plated lighter features a mechanical snap up levered mechanism - this mechanism was first invented in 1923 by Josef Kluss of Vienna - Kluss was an important Austrian inventor of mechanical lighters but he never patented his inventions in the USA. Louis Aronson copied the Kluss invention with a 1925 version but never put it into production. Steele and Johnson of Waterbury also copied the Kluss mechanism with their Capitol model. They used a 1912 George Eldred patent to avoid possible litigation. All Capitol lighters are marked with the Eldred patent date - Sept 17 1912 - on thumb lever. Steele & Johnson were major producers of brass accessories and they mostly made their Capitol lighter in brass. It appears that some Capitols had a cigarette ashtray base & some didn't. (Most of this info comes from Larry Tolkin's study of them)
Colby automatic deco styled fluid lighters invented by Abner Kohlberg of New York in 1944. The snuffer door snaps open creating a windscreen when the lever is pressed. The Colby lighter corp was partly owned by singer Bing Crosby - he is featured in many of their 1940's ads.
Negbaur Harry Negbaur of New York designed & manufactured numerous lighters and mens accessories during the 1930's thru 1940's.He was a tool and die maker for the Dollin Die Casting Company of Irvington, New Jersey, that cast the figures. Negbaur appears to have close associations with Hamilton, Demley, Wedemeyer & Zunder due to the similarities of some of their models.
Irving Florman of New York also designed for Negbaur as well as Lektrolite & some other manufacturers. He also invented all the New York (American) Dunhill models and later designed the lighter Franklin Roosevelt gave as gift to Joseph Stalin at the Yalta conference.
ASR American Safety Razor Co. of Brooklyn, New York
Beattie Products, Inc. of New York
Berkeley made by the Flashlight Company of America, Jersey City, N.J.
New Method Helios & Hurricane madeby the New Method Company,,Bradford, PA, c1940's. The first 3 pics are of 2 bakelite cased lighters with the Rathbun markings inside the lids. The last four pics show a brase cased Hurricane & a hinge comparison with a bakelite case hinge
Pres-a-lite fluid lighter, late 1930's automatic with a side press mechanism & 10 hole windscreen. Pres-a-lite was owned by Henry Schiff who invented the Match King striker lighter in 1933. Schiff later invented a bakelite 2 motion touchtip model also called the "Pres-a-lite"
Clark company of North Attleborough, Massachusetts was first established in 1881 and originally made jewellery. The Clark Firefly liftarm was first invented in 1926 by Edward Foster Clark & was first manufactured in 1928
  Clark Firefly fluid liftarm lighter with original lizard skin wrap and 18ct gold plated finish,c. 1928. The gold plate on the front face appears to be stamped "14k shield"
Clark Firefly fluid liftarm lighter with platinum plated finish,c. 1928.
Clark Firefly smoking set (fluid liftarm lighter & cigarette case) with alligator leather
Barlow fluid lighter

Royalighter fluid pocket lighter. Manufactured in the late 1940's by Royal Case Co. of Detroit, Michigan. The bottom of lighter reads pat. pend. but it is likely a patent was never granted.
2 versions of the Imco NY Solo Deluxe fluid pocket lighter, US produced version of German Imco
Regens fluid pocket lighters
Bowers of Kalamazoo, Michigan, started producing lighters in 1928
Bowers Unmarked fluid pocket lighter with bakelite case & aluminium insert. When moved the front design changes between the 2 logos
Kem fluid pocket lighter advertising Royal Crown Cola, 67mm tall
made in .......
Evans fluid table lighter
misc.  .......
Clark fluid liftarm lighter with octagonal base,c. 1928.
Golden Wheel liftarm fluid  pocket lighter, c.1928, with replaced flint screw
Park Sherman 18k gold plate liftarm pocket lighter,
??c. late 1920's
Park Sherman liftarm table lighter, 86mm tall
??c. late 1920's
Ritepoint fluid pocket lighter with pouch & paperwork
Evans model E1200 c. 1928 liftarm fluid pocket lighter with white gold finish
Koopmans Magic Pocket Lamp, cap & fluid lighter. Elias Bernard Koopman invented the first pocket lighter the late 1880’s. He patented the Magic Pocket Lamp in 1889 although it wasn’t assigned at the time. It was assigned in 1890 to the Magic Introduction Company founded by Koopman & had Koopman & William McKinney down as the inventors (McKinney designed an earlier device for lighting kerosene lamps which this appears to have been based on.) 63mm tall
Negbaur Trophy, fluid table lighter, 112mm tall
Stratoflame butane pocket lighter. 1 model had a refillable butane tank (?? the earlier model) & the other had a disposable tank, 42mm tall
Evans Banner fluid table lighter, c. 1953
Evans Banner fluid table lighter, ?? later model than the one below
  Clark Firefly sterling silver fluid liftarm lighter, small size, 48mm tall
New Method Hurricane, Bradford, PA. & Japan. Flip top fluid lighter, 49mm tall