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Lighter etc.
made in .......
Lighters made in
Occupied Japan
c. 1948 Made In Occupied Japan Zippo-like lighter. It has a movable chimney & the insert is permanently affixed inside the case - fluid & flint access are from the bottom of the case.
PKS Lido table lighter set
c. 1948 lighter
c. 1950 table lighter & bottom stamp
Table lighter
Table lighter
Set - lighter has cobalt blue glass
lighter underside
Lucky Car
1945 - 1952 fluid lighters
Photo Lite
Post 1952
Unbranded late MIOJ period or early post MIOJ period tram - the winged shield symbol is found also found on some MIOJ period lighters
Unbranded Fenton Hobnail Milk glass fluid table lighter
Unbranded, flick the lighter & a snake pops out! Novelty "lighter" with a mechanism in the style of a German made KW lighter
Sarome butane table lighter
Sarome fluid table lighter
Unbranded fluid table lighter & ashtrays (??? made in Japan)
Sarome fluid table lighterc. early 1960's "M.T.C." fluid table lighter with Western Australian emblem on it - the swan is the symbol of Western Australia
Jet Line wooden fluid table lighter set
Angel Mascot piezo butane table lighter
Arrow fluid pocket lighter
Unbranded Zippo-like lighter
Royal butane musical pocket lighter
Coronet Mother of Pearl fluid pocket lighter
Unbranded fluid table lighter
Symbol fluid pocket lighter with retractable wind guard
Fuzi enamelled fluid lighter/cigarette case combo still with some old Kool cigarettes in it. Pic 2 close up of bottom of lighter
Penguin enamelled miniature fluid lighter, 3.5 cms tall
Unbranded bone china fluid table lighter with printed design
Unbranded fluid necklace lighter
Unbranded hand painted bone china fluid lighter/ashtray
Unbranded hand painted bone china table lighter with Corona butane lighter fitment
Unbranded hand painted bone china fluid table lighter
Unbranded bone china fluid table lighter with both printed & hand painted design
Windsor necklace lighter
Bowers (of Michigan, USA) fluid lighter made in Japan (further info here)
Wellington fluid table lighter
Rogers butane pocket lighter
Prince enamelled fluid pocket lighter
Prince rotary fluid lighter
Shields fluid table lighter with storage container below lighter mechanism for cigarettes
Shields Oil derrick fluid table lighter
Unbranded fluid lighter/bottle opener - either MIOJ period or soon after, has Swan stamp
Prince fluid lighter c. 1960's
Photo Flash c. 1953 camera look lighter with compass
Charco Super c. 1950's
with leather holder
Unbranded cat & lamp fluid lighter,
c. 1950's
Unbranded heavy (?? bronzed pot metal), heavily detailed fluid table lighter with KW-like lighter fitment. ?? late MIOJ or early post MIOJ period, 86mm tall
Unbranded cat & lamp fluid lighter, rarer version with Memory of Japan design on lampshade, c. 1950's
Baccy-Lite fluid cigarette & pipe pocket lighter with extendable wick for pipes operated by twisting the wick surround
Unbranded fluid ball lighter with KW-like mechanism (?? early post-MIOJ)
Unbranded fluid lighter with retractable windguard. Enamelled design of kingfishers & oddly shaped map of NZ
Penguin flat advertiser for New Zealand steel supplies company
Sarome Cruiser fluid table lighter, c. early '50's
Unbranded fluid table lighter modeled on old machine used in stockmarket
Kaywoodie butane pocket lighter
misc.  .......
Ceramic table lighter, 78mm tall
Comet New Light
fluid wrist lighter c. 1950's
Pre Occupied Japan period
Alpha No. 1, liftarm. Stamped "Made in Tokyo, Japan",
?? pre WW2, 46mm tall
Unbranded automatic fluid lighter with unusual side push mechanism, 53mm tall
Sterling 950 flip top fluid pocket lighters, chisel engraved - left one 58mm tall, right 49mm tall