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Lighter etc.
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Lighters made in
Parker "Beacon", c. 1935
(See also here for Parker UK)
Colibri Kickstart enamelled pocket lighter, c. 1928 - this, the early model, has no cover over the striker spring. Colbri was originally a German firm, Ibelo/Jbelo ("Ibelo Pfeifenfabrik AG" - see their website here), founded by brothers Julius & Ben Lowenthal , in 1919. They also made tobacco pipes, compacts & perfume misters. Ibelo/Jbelo’s first lighter, the “Colibri”was produced in 1919. In 1933 the Colibri part of the company moved to London. Lighter designer Hermann Zahn joined Ibelo in 1934 & bought  the company in 1938 as, in 1934, because of being Jewish, the brothers emigrated to Switzerland & then on to London while Jbelo continued on in Germany. In 1935 Julius set up the Colibri Lighter Co. & Ben established Benlow Ltd. Ibelo/Jbelo continued to work closely with Colibri, becoming a major suplier to the Western world. Benlow closed after some years but Colibri continued until early 2009 (See also Colibri Germany & Colibri UK)
misc.  .......
Thorens started in 1883 as music box makers, producing their first "Standard Original" model in 1919, patented by Hermann Thorens. Production of lighters continued until the 1960's although today they are known for their musical equipment such as turntables, speakers etc. (See also  Thorens UK)
Thorens Oriflam (patented 1932) - the one on the
right also has the UK patent number on the bottom stamp
Thorens Standard Original push button semi automatic c. 1920. The push button screws in for safety to prevent accidental opening. Early models have a single claw & a cutaway area (see 5th pic) to access the friction wheel, later models have a double claw & no cutaway.
Lifelong fluid semi-automatic. Stunning engineering as side push requires little movement to open strongly, 68mm tall