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Lighter etc.
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Lighters made in
the UK
Beney Popular c. 1944 (Later 1945 British Pat. No was 568997 however this one is an earlier version stamped Patent Pending) with instructions for filling (instructions have a stamped reference number of 9498).
Beney Saville, Pat. 604345, 60mm tall.This mechanism was patented in 1948 by Fritz Werner Sturmann.
Beney Model 4D (?? earlier model), 53 mm tall
Beney Model 4D (?? later model) with different lift arm & snuffer cap,51 mm tall. Filler screw not original
Beney Model 88 with snakeskin cover, 45 mm tall
Beney Strikalite model 565, 11.5 cms tall (Cheers John)
Beney Model 202, 30 mm tall
Beney Model 343, anodised aluminium case,
60 mm tall
Beney Model 345, anodised aluminium case,
45 mm tall
Beney Model 666,  65 mm tall
Beney Model 707,  65 mm tall - identical to the 666 except brass striker wheel covers & bottom screws.
Beney Companion,
aluminium body.
Beney Model unknown, 53 mm tall with patent pending stamp (?? early version of the Pat. 604345)
Beney lighters were famous for their "Economic Gas Lighter" used primarily for lighting gas stoves. It appears that the original company was sold in 1938 & renamed Beney (1938) Limited, Saville Works, Croydon Road, Beckenham, Kent. Ernest Beney, of London, manufactued many of his own lighter inventions and is considered an important UK lighter maker . As a quality lighter manufacturer Beney also  designed and manufactured numerous luxury lighters & striker boxes for Alfred Dunhill of London as well as Hermes of Paris. (info from Larry Tolkin)  More info here
c. 1929 "Colibri Kickstart"
Benlow Golmet fluid table lighter with Patent Applied For bottom stamp & ?? bakelite base, 12cms tall & the tall version of the Master fluid pocket lighter, 62mm tall. Benlow was founded in England c. 1938 by Ben Lowenthal originally from Germany, Ben, together with his brother Julius, had owned the Jbelo lighter company. Julius first migrated to England in the early '30's & formed Colibri, with Ben moving there later in the '30's
Colibri Kickstart
c. 1929 (more details
see Swiss made Colibri here)
Muhlex Limpet striker lighter with a suction cup on the bottom so it can be attached to the windscreen of a car. 2nd pic shows the striker, striker flint & suction cup
McMurdo c. 1949 hexagonal fluid lighter, 63mm tall
Rolls Wonderlighter fluid pocket lighter
made by Rolls Razor Ltd. c. 1952
Beney Orb with advert for Henley,
73 mm tall
McMurdo Fluid table lighter
Classic Jumbo" fluid liftarm table lighter c. 1930 (patent date 1928).The Classics are noted for their unusual vertically mounted striker wheels. 80mm long, 30mm wide, approx 80mm high
Unbranded octagonal fluid table lighter with unusual KW-like mechanism (??? Beney), 5cms tall
Perkins Wonderlite fluid table lighter with unusual combination of lift-arm & roller mechanism, 10.5 cms tall
Beney Ashtray Strikalite model 77, 11.5 cms tall. The 2nd pic shows the striker wand which contains cotton to absorb the fluid. When the wand is struck along the 2 flint holders (on  the left & right edges of the ashtray in pic 1) it sets alight the wand which is used like a match 
Permalon of London c. WW2
?? silver luxury fluid pocket lighter, Pat 512127- Patent applied for Feb. 9, 1939. No. 4294/139 by Alexander Siegel, a German citizen living in London. Chisel engraved monogram on front & airmans wings on the back
Beney Pedestra, 90 mm tall
Beney Model unknown, 80 mm tall
Beney Model unknown, 120 mm tall, bottom stamped (pic 4) "Reg. Des. Pending"
Beney Model unknown, 93 mm tall
Barclay double push button (one to raise snuffer, 1 to push it downfluid table lighter,  65mm tall
McMurdo Made in Kingston-upon-Thames. McMurdo was an ex-designer for Dunhill & is known for his unusual rollover lighting action. McMurdo operated from the late '30s to the end of the '40s
Parker Roller Beacon fluid table lighter, c. 1938. Parker was formed by Alfred Dunhill. (See also Swiss made Parker Beacon here)
Anglia fluid table lighter,
109mm tall
The Planet top-filling fluid lift arm pocket lighter
- very heavy construction
Rolls Automatic fluid pocket lighter

Bedford Bijou liftarm fluid pocket lighter, c. 1930's
Polo WW2 ("UL" marking),
50mm tall, ?? nickel plated
Polo ?? Automatic, Pat. 642908, 53mm tall, with original box
Polo Made in London, Polo was perhaps the most common English made fluid lighter from the 1930' to the 1950s. Many of them look very similar but there are small changes in mechanisms/stamps/filler screws. Information on the company & model numbers seems sparse. At a guess it appears that the earlier models had the full width oil screws (where the later ones had smaller screws) & the stamp of the polo player was seperate to the Polo logo (& the later models had it behind the Polo logo).
Polo 52mm tall, unusual amongst the Polos as it has a windscreen, marked Patented
Polo 52mm tall,
marked Patented
Polo 52mm tall,
marked Patented
Polo 52mm tall, ?? nickel plated

Polo 46mm tall,
marked Patented
Polo 46mm tall,
marked Patented
Polo 64mm tall,
marked Patented
Polo 51mm tall, with box

Polo 68mm tall, unusual side opening mechanism
Polo c. 1950 table lighter with bakelite base, 128mm tall
NB hopefully (??!) this is in chronological order based on the materials & stamps used
Doric aluminium block fluid liftarm lighter,
50mm high
Elstraliter fluid liftarm pocket lighter,
43mm high
Dunhill fluid liftarm pipe lighter with a slide on the side to raise & lower the wick, c. 1939, 53mm high
Orb ball fluid table lighter (?? Beney). Identical mechanisms are on the Beney Penge & Wifeu Seigneur
Flintop - late 1940's block aluminum fluid pocket lighter invented by Alfred Rose in 1945, based upon similar style trench lighter designs. 
misc.  .......
Thorens Sports fluid pocket lighter with Oriflam mechanism
(see other Thorens here)
Camlighter automatic pocket lighter patented in 1948
Longray fluid pocket lighter, 52mm long x 32mm high 
Magna Fumalux battery operated torch & slide open fluid flint-less lighter, 58mm high. Made by/?? licensed to Magnatex Ltd., Bath Rd., Harlington, Middx. as a German patent for an identical lighter (model FL400) was patented by Fumalux of Karlsruhe on 12-11-1955. Magnatex also produced Casco Tex car cigarette lighters & motor car equipment.
Longfellow fluid pocket lighter, 69mm tall 
Bedford Olympic fluid pocket automatic lighter, ?? late 40's/50's , 63mm tall
Mosda Period Series fluid table lighter, 57mm tall