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Cigarette box
Cigarette box made in Japan c. 1950's
Majex automatic cigarette case made in the USA
Cheroot cutter
Wooden cigarette dispensers - push the bird by his tail (or in the case of the 2nd one by pulling the knob on the left) & he/she leans over & picks up a cigarette in his beak. “Very popular in the 1940's when there were a wide variety on the market - many were made in Italy and brought back by returning servicemen." although these are of uncertain age
Matchsafe (matchbook cover)
Enamel with brass relief heavy oriental cigarette dispenser
"Mr Dandy", ?? c. 1970's musical cigarette dispenser, plays "Lara's Theme"
Cigarette case
Vintage enamel ashtray for Christchurch, NZ company "Osborne gas cookers"
2 x c. 1950's "Cigarette Chaperone" ashtray to avoid accidentally burning down the house
Smoking pigs!!!!!
Ashtray made from World War 2 shell bottom with Dutch coins
Antique packet of gumless rolling French papers
Tobacco guillotine from the days of plug tobacco
?? Army issued WW2 Rogers Slyde-Lok brass cigarette box cover - it seems that like Zippo, with all brass use going to munitions, they had to change their fabrication materials. Apparently Slide-Lok went to a cowhide version.
"Valet-steam-pipe cleaner", unknown origin (?? c. 1950's).
One of the funkiest (& perhaps ugliest) oddities in the collection - this is a wind-up Roll-A-Lite van lighter holder & ashtray. After it is wound-up, when a Zippo-style lighter is placed one way in the cross on the roof the van will move forward. If the lighter is placed in the other way it will not move. It is designed so that it will automatically stop at a table's edge without falling off. It is Japanese made by Royal London Ltd in 1970. Pic 4 shows the winder & the lever (at the top) which prevents it falling over edges.
Ceramic cigarette holder
Drunk on a Lamp-post ashtray by Selcol
c. 1950
c.1955 Smokers Robot
Sorry I do not give valuations as the market is so fluid.
?? c. 1950's flints - very interesting as most old flints either turn to dust or, if left in place in the lighter, expand in the flint tube causing problems
Lighter etc.
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Cigar box from Pennsylavania, USA