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Zippo/Case International Swapmeet, 2006
"Treasures and Tales"
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July 21-24, 2006 in Bradford, PA, USA
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"Inspirations" - months in the making, this 10 piece set by Paul was donated to the Zippo-Case Charity Auction. It is double sided, mounted in perspex & features inspirational quotes from ZippoClick members around the world in 4 languages - English, German, Hindi & Tamil.The proceeds of the auction went to the Blaisdell Foundation of Bradford (which assists disadvantaged children in their schooling), the ambulance service & other local charities.The last pic shows the list of contributors & translations.
Oh no, the people you meet ..... The Tuesday before the Swap & a quiet trip to the visitor center was planned .... Mike, Marci's back, Tom's front, Gerard in hiding, Laura & a long skinny Kiwi
Who is that cat in the hat?!! Earle (of The Studio fame)
Samantha, Jeff, Heather, Bob, Bill, Dave, Paul, Michelle & Bob
A tour thru Zippo's "Design Incubator" - organised for Click members, here showing a breakdown of artwork done for the "Leon, the professional" Zippo.
The completed piece
The old methods - a highly skilled Zippo employee shows the old system using the engraving machines beside her & the cardboard from which they worked.
Floored again! - The hall near the old engraving machines
Wicked display in the "Design Incubator" - it was full of amazing new finishes & .....
.....we got to see the 2 new Zippos that they're preparing for the 2007 75th Anniversary
One of a kind  :-
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2006, USA
Missing! 1997 replica of the famous Zippo car - built in the early 1940's at a cost of US$30,000 and driven all over the US during the '40's & 50's for promotional purposes. Because it was very heavy it had frequent problems & so was returned to it's makers for repairs in the late '50s. The makers went bankrupt not long after & this massive piece of metal literally disappeared - to this day no-one knows where it is!