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German Swapmeet, 2011
Organised by German collector club Zippo Flamme Deutschland
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June 19-21, 2011 in Randersacker, Germany
The town of Randersacker in Bavaria, famed for it's long history of wine making
(photo courtesy of Paul & Ella Bosch)
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The "Zippo International Lighter Convention", ZFD's 4th, was held in the Cafe Sonnenstuhl - not just buying, selling & trading Zippos but displaying collections as well.
One of a kind  :-
Swapmeets /gatherings:-
On the way to Germany ..... via Marc's in Paris
In Marc's kitchen preparing for the small French mini-convention, & the (iconic) view from his kitchen window
Pics courtesy of Bob (http://vietnam.zippo.free.fr) who carefully stayed out of them
Martine checking out a Zippo with Didier
(http://zippomaniac.free.fr/) carefully observing to make sure she doesn't put it in her pocket
The lovely Olivia (Marc's fiancee), Didier & Marc
Ecstatic about the food that's about to be eaten!
Didier & his new Zippo tie
2011, Germany
                                   ..... via Andy & Petra's in Germany
The main street
Pic courtesy of Andy & Petra
Initial gathering for a drink with John, Lorena, Andy, Petra, Serge, Patrick & Patrice
Some arrived on foot - Howard makes an entrance
Pics courtesy of Andy & Petra
The show lighters. The one on the left shows the countries that attended the previous international show in 2009
Pic courtesy of Lorena & John
Hungry work!
Pic courtesy of Alex & Anja
Freshly landed & looking a tad
Dr Who-ish!
Colour coordination thanks to Andy & Petra's clothing donation to a nearly lost Kiwi
In amongst the craziness & passion