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German Swapmeet, 2011
Organised by German collector club Zippo Flamme Deutschland
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June 19-21, 2011 in Randersacker, Germany
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Currently viewing page 1 of 2    1 (2)
One of a kind  :-
Swapmeets /gatherings:-
2011, Germany
Pics courtesy of Alex & Anja
All pics above courtesy of Andy & Petra
The Francophiles (sadly Marc & Danielle from Belgium missed out on being in the pic)
Howard stunned by his new
(?? tornado proof) umbrella
Even Frank, head of Zippo Germany, needs a fill up sometimes - Alex comes to his aid
Christian & Andy take time out from chinwagging to pose for a photo
A colourful surprise - the fun filled oompah band that Willie & his daughter play in arrived to hoe down & dirty for us - they rock!
2 magnificent one-of-a-kind pieces by Lorena & John from Art Enchant
It was a true honour to meet charismatic young Italian artist Fulvio Tonellini & see his distinctive hand painted works up close & personal
Fulvio, the 2 Pauls & John
My own, slightly nude, table - sadly, between earthquakes & postal problems, my display was pretty meagre for this show
Pics courtesy of Andy & Petra
But a few of the incredible pieces on display
As ever a massive thanks to the ZFD team for an incredibly well organised,
uber friendly show - it's a great pleasure watching it grow more & more international & seeing the joy it brings first time attendees!
Howard & Danielle snuggling up to John
Pic courtesy of Marc & Danielle
Pics courtesy of Andy & Petra
Pic courtesy of Marc & Danielle
Pics courtesy of Andy & Petra
Pics courtesy of Andy & Petra
An explosion of colour - relaxing in the sun with Danielle & Marc  - what an honour to finally meet! (& cheers everso for your kindness.)