Zippo's 75th Anniversary meeting, 2007
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July 25-28, 2007 in Bradford, PA, USA
A close-up
With Mr George Duke, Zippo's co-owner, in the foyer of Zippo HQ.
Are those matching fingernails? Is that Zippo & Click on the thumbnails? Whose hands are they?!!
Outside the ZC Visitors Centre 3 generations of the Rose (of Roseart) family were involved in the placement of this special monument created by the Rose family company honouring Zippo's 75th .
An employee of The Bradford Era newspaper
standing with the mural featuring Bradford's history that she helped to create
(?? in the Bradford Old City Hall ??)
Martine with Mike G. 
(Vol. 2 of his book is incredible!!) & his much loved  '65 Harley
The footpath outside the rooms of the DeSoto Holiday House - a great place for gathering. Lou, Silke, Tom & Marci relax
while Brother Bob Eh closely examines a Zippo.
!!! - the Zippo Bob was examining - with "Don't touch my Zippo" (in French) on it !!
"Come on Dad, let's go, we've got a Zippo gathering to go to!" - Heather proudly posing on Dad's Triumph before the meeting.
Our table at the Roseart All Lighter Show.
Dana & Brother Bob Eh
Jeff & Tom comparing notes
"V is for Zippo!" - Jim of the permanent smile.
Tom (a.k.a. the diopter junkie or the old cucumber) proves you can never be too old to be silly
Micha (a.k.a. the barber of Herten) declares "That is not a hat!" whilst the rest of us proudly wear them (including Samantha, one of Jeff's daughters.)
Zippo (R)

"in all things be passionate"