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Zippo/Case International Swapmeet, 2004
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A special thanks
To all those who went so out of their way to make our time in Bradford so special - we are still awestruck by the experience.
Although it's not possible to mention everyone by name special thanks is well due to Mr Mike Martin for his faith & support of Paul's application to become a "Zippo recognised artist". Pege, Kathy, Steve, Pat & Sam (all from Zippo)
- they gave from their hearts & their encouragement warmed our stay.
Linda (Kchmenow) - a true friend & knowlegeable mentor in Zippo's subtleties. Jeff (Bigbaddad) for his friendship & loan of the battery, Bud (Budny) for camaraderie & food supplies. Robin & Dana - what a sad world it would be without their enthusiasm. Mike (kdsinc) & Michelle - them's great people! Bill Esty & the stogie man - really enjoyed your company. Bas & Jeff (Spanishflea) - humour plus! Jeff (widowmaker) & Jack Gorton - it took a while to catch up but what a pleasure.

The Zippo Case Museum - view from the outside.
Paul ecstatic to find they haven't forgotten New Zealand!
The Zippo flag made out of 3,393 Zippos. All of them except one is front face out - the other is back face out (ie hinge to the right) & the challenge is to find the odd one out. Pat Grandy came up with the idea for it & it was executed by Steve Mahon over many months. Steve also did 2 of the Canadian flag as well.
A close up view
Honouring the Canada factory's 50th anniversary (in 1999). Zippo's small Canada factory ran from 1949 until it's close in 2002. Canadian release Zippos can be identified by the "Niagara Falls,Ontario" marking the Zippo logo on the bottom stamp & are now highly sought after by collectors.
A close up view
Sculpture celebrating Zippos use in World War 2. In the latter years of WW2 Zippos were only available to the American armed forces - this exclusivity helped Zippo change from an American icon to an international one.
A large gold plaque presented to Mr George Duke by Mr Mustafa Bulus of Istanbul,Turkey to honour Zippo's 70th anniversary
Sculpture featuring crushed Zippos was made by the French artist, Cesar
An easy way to while away the time - watching & listening to the Zippo And Case (ZAC)  audio-kinetic ball machine.
The 400 millionth Zippo to come off the production line was an Armour Plate Zippo (it's case is 1.5x as thick as the normal Zippo case). This milestone was reached on September 3,2003. Please excuse the poor quality of the photo due to the display case it's housed in
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2004, USA