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Zippo/Case International Swapmeet, 2006
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Paul & Martine with the picture of Mr Blaisdell, the original "Zippo Inspiration", in the boardroom. This portrait & the small picture below it (of the present art director & Mr Clark) was painted by the lovely Mr Jack Clark - the first Zippo artist & creator of the Town & Country series. The boardroom experience, thanks to the wonderful Peggy Errera, was a red faced affair, as to his shock Paul discovered his glass presentation platter on display, & Peggy asked him to share about it with the rest of the group - yikes! - & to top it off in front of his idol, Mr Clark.For Paul meeting Mr Clark was the pinnacle of his Swap experience - words cannot express the joy & wonderment of sharing with such a gentle spirit. Mr Clark, who is now retired, made a special trip to Bradford to share his experiences about the Town & Countries with ZippoClickers. The last pic - Oh no ..... a display full of them! Mr Clark's personal collection of early, ultra rare T & C's.
Would you trust your wife with a man in a yellow shirt & orange sunglasses? This man was found lurking around hotel carparks, he may not talk much but he certainly has a way with the ladies! Dana & Robin, his wife, recently authored the "Warman's Zippo Lighters Field Guide, Values & Identification" - full of interesting pics, knowledge & humour
The delightful Peggy, of Zippo - she's just so huggable - & Paul before the Charity Auction started standing behind his 10 piece set
The fear as the auction starts ...... a Zippo employee holding the set itself, & the bubbly Bev Hull (from Zippo's promotional division) displaying it's base, the accompanying stand with the certificate of authenticity & the list of whose quotes were used & the translations.
Sigh of relief - after more than a few heartstopping moments it sold - here is the look of bliss on Paul's face after it reached a highly respectable price.
Mike Grimaldi (author of the well impressive "And you thought Zippo only made lighters" book on non-lighter Zippo products) & Paul at the Free Spirit table.It had been a long impatient wait for Mike's book release & we were blessed with getting the second one released to the public (& are now impatiently waiting for Volume 2). Mike - cheers for your gentle encouragement of the addiction!
The barman at the DeSoto Holiday House (!!??) Don't know where they managed to find their staff but this man was known for saying "Hi I'm from England" (is that an excuse?) Ay up matey!
The DeSoto carpark - A bunch of Zippo-loonie-toonies! (l-r) Canadian Bob (who shared a room with Bob from Philly - the Bobbin twins!), Patricia from Holland (Marco must be missing in action), Jules, Kerry, Big Ed, Martine, Paul, John (demonstrating Dirk Digler's potential?) & Tanya, ??, Marci, Dave, Tom & the 2nd Bobbin
Well that does it, I'm just a tiny lady after all ..... Queen Marci in hysterics over the size of her "queen sized" steak!
Dawg gone it, now this is a hat! An entry into the funny hat competition (complete with wagging tail!)
La princesse de haute couture - Martine posing wearing Earle's hat & the hi-tech, hi-fashion Zippo-Case water inhibitors (oops was that plastic bags covering footwear?)
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2006, USA